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In YQ, we believe from Day One that Personal Protection isand should be every company’s most important focus for their employees, as employees are the most important asset for every company.Our mission from Day One is to focuson providing our customers withthe most professional, high quality and high-performance breathing protection solutions such that every user of our products can confidently accomplish their tasks knowing they are well protected.

We welcome you to reach out to YQ, get to know us, and join usto focus on the health and safeness of everyone around you weather they are your employeesor your family members.  Together we can protect our environment, save energy and create a clean world.

YQ is conveniently located in Shanghai, the center of supplier chain. Our production facilities cover an area of approx. 6,000 SQM with more than 100 highly trained employees, 12 automated and 20 semi-automated production lines. Our max. production capacity can reach 300,000 masks per day with an annual output of more than 100 million masks. Our production facilitiesare modern and meet international requirements for environmental protection, health and safeness. YQ adopts a comprehensive management system that encompasses all aspects of our production processes. At the core of this management system is a team of highly trained quality control professionals utilizing state-of-the-art instruments(i.e. 8130 and 8130A testing apparatus) and techniques to effectively execute quality control protocols to ensure our products meet all set requirements.

Our goal is to lead the purification technology for healthy breathing. In order to develop high-quality protective masks that are more efficient, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly, our R&D team never stops on innovation and improvement upon existing technologies and process control capabilities. As a result, we are able to provide high-quality products and services to our customers worldwide. Last but not least, we are also able to offer more customized respiratory protection products upon request.


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Sincerely welcome you into far qin purification, understand far qin purification, participate in far qin purification.

Join us in putting people first, focusing on the health and occupational safety of every employee and family member, protecting the environment, saving energy and protecting the environment, and creating a cleaner world.

The company technology center has a solid foundation, experienced technical team, with advanced production technology and technology.

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Patent certificate

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Certificate of LA Mark of Personal Protective Equipment

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