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● Product model: YQD 8008
● Origin: Shanghai, China
● Product Description: particle protective filter mask-with discarded N95 dust cup filter mask
● 95% filter efficiency level
● Effective against particulate aerosols free of oil
● Low breathing resistance for long time wearing
● Moldable noseclip to provide better fit & seal
● Anti-fog cushioning nose foam
● Adjustable headband to ensure proper fit
● Cup-shaped design provides better comfort
● MSH listing – surgical respirator
● Meet ASTM F2100 Level II requirement

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Product material decomposition

1. Uses headband woven is not easy to fall off without hair.
2. Adjustable external nose clip, material by P P+Duble iron, built-in sponge strip material by C lose-cell polyester sponge, for comfort.Good tightness and provides efficient respiratory protection.
3. Spinning non-woven cloth, soft and comfortable, light and breathable, high quality melt spray cloth non-woven fabric, can effectively filter bacteria and other harmful particles.Good raw materials and structure, suction / call resistance is below international standards, making breathing more comfortable.

Excellent anti-attenuation materials, after the long-distance sea transportation, high temperature and high humidity environment, can still achieve the filtration efficiency of non-oil particles of more than 95%.

Packaging: Cup design, environmentally friendly packaging.

Packaging method

20pcs/ bag, 1 bag /color box, 18 boxes/carton (360pcs/cnt)
Pross weight per box: 8.2KG net weight: 4.7KG
Size per box: 560X 445X 470 (CM)
Package Language: English
Patent: a unique "flip-ear" headband design, with the appearance design patent right.
Product brand: YICHITA
Product type: Dust-proof cup-type filter mask
Mask style: cup-type head wear type
General color: White
Respiratory valve device: No
Get a certificate: NIOSH N95,TC-84A-9246
Execution standard: NIOSH 42 CFR 84
Scope of application: prevent non-oily particles, droplets, aerosols and other toxic and harmful dust.Suitable for welding, mining, casting, pharmaceutical, grinding and wood processing.Prevent flu and virus spread.

Strict quality management system, the manufacturer through the IOS9001 certification. TSI8130,, a testing equipment purchased from the United States, is currently the highest level of mask testing equipment in the world.Ensure that each mask meets the technical requirements of the US N IOSH N 95.

Products sold to the United States, Japan, Europe, South America, Southeast Asian countries, been widely recognized and praised by users.

Product Features

95% filter efficiency level Effective against particulate aerosols free of oil Low breathing resistance for long time wearing Moldable noseclip to provide better fit & seal Anti-fog cushioning nose foam Adjustable headband to ensure proper fit Cup-shaped design provides better comfort.

Product Color Number Table

YQD 800803
YQD 800805
YQD 800807
YQD 800804
YQD 800806

Reference No:YQD8008US


Each Box

Each Carton


20 pcs

18 box

Net Weight (kg)



Gross Weight (kg)



L*W*H (mm)



Container Loading


240 ctn. (86,400 pcs)



480ctn. (172,800 pcs)

540 ctn.(194,400 pcs)

NIOSH Approval Letter1

NIOSH Approval Letter

NIOSH Approval Letter2

NIOSH Approval Letter

Test Summary

Test Summary 42 CFR 84

Approval Label

Approval Label

NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008V

NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008V1
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008V2
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008V3
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008V4
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008V5
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008V6

NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD8008

NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD80081
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD80082
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD80083
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD80084
NIOSH N95 Test Report YQD80085

NIOSH N95 Test Report

NIOSH N95 Test Report03
NIOSH N95 Test Report02
NIOSH N95 Test Report01

MSH listing - surgical respirator

MSH listing - surgical respirator

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