CCTV news paid attention to and investigated the mask provided by our company

CCTV news has paid attention to and investigated the situation of masks provided by our company. We will do our best to make a modest contribution to this sudden epidemic.

Since the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, our company has started the plan of temporary recall of workers and rush work in the Spring Festival since we temporarily received the emergency demand order.
CCTV news, CCTV news live broadcast, Shanghai comprehensive channel, Xinhuanet, Sina and other news media and magazines also came to our company for on-the-spot interview and investigation, and always paid attention to the supply of epidemic prevention materials.
At 7:25 p.m. on January 27, Shanghai Yuanqin Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was interviewed by CCTV live news reporter.


Make every effort to provide mask demand 24 hours a day

The leading group of Yuanqin purification unanimously decided to produce 24 hours a day during the Spring Festival. The planned production capacity was 40000 a day, but now it has been increased to 50000. It is reported that there is still a big gap in mask reserves due to the Spring Festival. We will do our best to make a modest contribution to the sudden epidemic.
So far, the company's full-automatic production line has been running continuously for 24 hours, and another long shelved semi-automatic production line has also joined the production.


Ability and strict production standards

At present, there are 17 manufacturers of mask related products in Shanghai, including about 4 with kn95 standard mask production capacity“ "Yuanqin purification" is one of the manufacturers capable of producing kn95 standard masks.

Not every mask factory can produce kn95 standard masks. Only with relevant qualifications can we produce kn95 masks that meet the standards.


The transmission of warmth is pinned on masks

Due to the large production volume, in addition to requiring all original employees to return to work, the administrative personnel also invested in the production line, and also convened a large number of temporary workers, with more than 40 people alternating for 12 hours.
Some employees have returned to their hometown after receiving the notice of returning to the factory. Knowing the serious and urgent epidemic situation in the country, they immediately return to the factory before the Spring Festival and devote themselves to working overtime.


What is kn95

What exactly does "kn95" mean?

"Kn" stands for the Chinese mask standard gb2020, "95" stands for the mask to filter particles of 95% or more. A mask has three layers of internal structure, and each layer has different filtering functions.


Post time: Aug-19-2021