New Coronavirus is coming, we will restart the production line to ensure overtime supply.

Pneumonia coming from New Coronavirus! Our company restarted the production line to work overtime to ensure the supply workers: returned the return ticket and left overtime

On the eve of new year's Eve in 2019, it was a time for people to celebrate the Spring Festival and was broken by a New Coronavirus pneumonia news.

"The convenience store has sold out of masks!"
"The hospital pharmacy has sold out of masks!"

Many cities have opened self-defense mechanisms.
Nowadays, it has become a "standard" for citizens to wear masks for self-protection when traveling, and the protective masks are out of stock for a time.


The company's front-line production employees had a holiday as early as January 16, and on January 17, the company successively convened employees to restart the production line and prepare to work overtime to produce masks to meet the market demand as much as possible.


Due to the receipt of 5 million orders, one of the three production lines that had been stopped was restored in the past two days. The employees who had not returned home were called back. Even the villagers of zhudian village and Zhongjia village near the factory rushed to help. A total of more than 30 people worked overtime to do mask packaging, packing and other processes.

Just bought a bus ticket, returned the ticket and continued to catch up with the work

"In the past, we had to go back to our hometown 4 or 5 days in advance for the new year. A few days ago, I just bought a bus ticket on my mobile phone, and I received a message from my boss asking if I could come back to catch up with the work." Miao Huiqin, 47, has worked in Shanghai Yuanqin Purification Technology Co., Ltd. for 12 years. Her hometown is Liyang, Jiangsu. She said with emotion, "she has never been so busy as this year."
Miao Huiqin folded the mask box on the desktop piled up by large boxes in the factory. One box needs to be packed with five single masks. After folding and folding for 2 seconds, a box is made“ I also want to go home early, but now the whole face the shortage of masks. Since I work in the mask factory, I should do my part! " Miao Huiqin said while folding cartons, and the speed of her work never slowed down.


"Our whole factory is working overtime. The doorman and kitchen aunt are all local people. They also go to the nearby village to help recruit temporary workers to catch up with the work." Chen Tingting was originally a staff member of the marketing department of the company. She also went to the front line from the office to strive to complete the order as soon as possible.

"Go home for the new year? Wait until you're finished! "

Coincidentally, Ms. Lin from Sichuan was going to return to her hometown in Sichuan a few days ago, but a phone call from her boss changed her mind.
"The boss told me that now the whole country is fighting pneumonia. As a special enterprise like us, we should devote ourselves to it and ask me if I would like to stay."
Ms. Lin immediately said on the phone that she was willing to stay and work overtime. She then called her family and told them they would stay in Shanghai to work overtime to produce masks. The family said they understood Ms. Lin's decision and made her feel at ease to work overtime in Shanghai. Not only that, Ms. Lin also called her little sisters to help, "go home for the new year? Wait until you're finished. " Ms. Lin said.


If the price is not increased by a penny, the factory will still be at the original price

"We recently received an order of 5 million masks. The factory has been busy shipping every day for the past two days. We have to produce 1 or 2 containers a day. There are about 80000-100000 masks in each container." Liao Huolin, chairman of Shanghai Yuanqin Purification Technology Co., Ltd., said, "the existing inventory and raw materials can provide hundreds of thousands of masks. We expect to reopen the production line on the eighth day of the year and continue to produce masks."
"The Spring Festival is approaching. Many of our foreign employees have been busy all year and have come to work overtime temporarily. We are also very moved." Liao Huolin said that the overtime and temporary wages of employees in these two days are three times the usual salary and a subsidy of 500 yuan. "Now we can't predict when we can finish the last batch of masks. It may be new year's Eve. Our farthest employees live in Yunnan, and their round-trip air tickets are issued by the company."
As for the price of masks, Liao Huolin said that he would not raise the price of masks because workers worked overtime. "We will not raise a penny, but we will still follow the original ex factory price."


Jiang Qiuping, deputy mayor of Qingcun Town, Fengxian District, and his party came to our company to understand the production situation. They said: "in case of special circumstances before the Spring Festival, we also came to understand the production situation of mask enterprises. We should not only meet the market demand, but also put safety production in the first place." Jiang Qiuping also expressed condolences to the front-line employees. He said, "if the enterprise has any needs, our government should also do the corresponding service work."
All masks of our company will be uniformly rationed and managed by the demander according to the requirements of the government to ensure that all medical personnel, disease control units, window departments and other units with urgent actual needs can quickly obtain "kn95 masks".

Different models of masks, do you really understand?

What exactly does "kn95" mean“ "Kn" stands for Chinese mask standard gb2626, "95" stands for masks filtering 95% or more particles, and some masks are also marked with "01" and "02". In fact, "01" stands for ear hanging masks and "02" stands for head worn masks.
Our fully enclosed mask production line can produce an average of 20-40 masks of different models per minute. Heng ronghua said, "a mask has three layers of internal structure, and each layer has different filtering functions."


We just want to make a modest contribution

In addition to the standard kn95 masks, our company also produces other kinds of masks, including masks full of cartoon images for children to wear, and masks marked "women, men and pregnant women", which are also customized according to the size of different people's faces. The colors of masks include white, pink and gray, which is also to meet the use needs of different people.


Medical staff are high-risk groups fighting in the front line. I hope they can protect themselves so as to better serve patients.
Our modest efforts also hope to help the front-line medical personnel to win the war.

Post time: Aug-19-2021